La Coroutine - Create, learn, Share


A warmful space built, managed and funded by its user in order to create, work, hack, learn, innovate, share, ...

What is it?

A space of 160 square meters with tables, coffee, wifi, meeeting room, relaxation area, kitchen and good mood.

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How does it work?

La Coroutine is a collaborative space: Members are welcomed to participate in the life of the space (watering plants, feeding the stove, cooking, ...). Come along, open the door and meet us.

Opening Hours

From 9:30 am to 7 pm on weekdays.

The space may stay open longer if permanent members are present or if some events are planned.

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Find us

16 Allée de la Filature, 59000 Lille, France
Metro station : Porte de Douai
V’lille (bike) station : Trévise, rue de Douai

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A warmfull space to develop your projects, work, train and share in good mood. Wifi, coffee, tea are included. You just have to show up and start your daily routine. Whether you're coming for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 year or all your life... this is as simple as this ;-)

Develop your projects

20 hot desks are available. Feel free to choose your spot and meet new coworkers each day.

Screens are provided. Some lockers (only for permanent coworkers) are available if needed.

We propose you an open pricing for your first visit. Plus we're also parterns of the Coworking Visa initiative.

Meeting up

Enjoy our inspiring atmosphere of our meeting room! Paper board, black board, video projector are available.

Its capacity is of 15 people maximum (depending on the configuration of the room).

We also host open events: tech talks, wikimedia committee, ...

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Duration Price
Day 10 €
1 hour 2 €
Half-Day 6 €
10 Half-Days 45 €
20 Half-Days 80 €
1 Month 125 €

Access to shop


Take a break in our relaxing area.

Our bar has excellent coffee, tea, juice (fair trade/organic). Enjoy a reading session in one of our couches or hamacs, play board games or just chit chat with other fellow cowokers.

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Permanent members

15% of coworkers are permanent members

Coworking vs Home

62% do prefer La Coroutine over their home


99% observed attractiveness increase right after subscribing

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70% get sh$t done


La Coroutine is not only a coworking space. We offer a lot of activities such as an organic local market, sharing tools, hosting neighbourhood meetings, ...

Market, canteen,
tools, ...

Every monday evening, Kévin, our market gardener turns the space into a mini organic market. You can pre-order vegetables every weekend for the following week.

For lunch, we launched an initiative called Cocotte : for the most motivated ones, we cook together a vegetarian dish that she share in a warmfull lunch.

We also have DIY tools and hardware such as Arduino, soldering iron, drill, etc. that you can use or borrow.

In short, La Coroutine is your place! Feel free to contact us if you want to start an activity in the space.

Workshops &

Workshops & talks

If you want to organize a workshop, the meeting room is adjustable to this kind of events. With or without tables, your call.

Concerning talks, if you need a bigger space, during evenings and weekends, the coworking space can be used to host up to 60 people. For sure, our bar is open during such events in order to provide refreshing drinks to participants.

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Privatizing the space

You wanna have La Coroutine only for you? Yes, we understand and it's totally doable on evenings (after 7pm) and weekends.

Contact us for more details

Contact us

+33 (0)9 72 40 33 20

Find us

16 Allée de la Filature
59000 Lille
Monday to Friday
9:30 am - 7 pm
Possibility to have access earlier, later & on weekends